Which Daypack should I Use for Easy Travel?


I promised you that I would do some daypack testing to see which one is better for doing the kind of traveling we do on Older Women, Cheap Travel tours. If you haven’t read my previous post about why carrying just a daypack makes traveling so much better, check it out before you carry on reading.

Why You will LOVE Traveling with a Daypack

Now, I have used my normal daypack with the waist strap for many years; love it because it carries enough stuff and I like the way the waist strap takes the weight off of my shoulders. Very comfortable, even if I wear it all day. Also the weight is right against my body so I don’t feel much pulling away, nothing dragging down and back. One of the features I really like is a deep inside pocket, I can stuff things down; it is against my back and behind all my clothes, so it is a great place to keep stuff safe (like a phone, passport, etc).

I laid out a bunch of likely clothes on my floor: a skirt and top, a sweater,  a pair of capris, two pairs of shorts, a few shirts, and a bathing suit. I added my big camera and my Kindle for bulk and weight.


My backpack was quite full, but I could stuff a few more papers, socks, and underwear and a pair of flip flops in. If I use my backpack, I may jettison a couple of items.



However, for some people, they might want a bit extra space for a few more items of clothing or to stuff a few souveneirs, so I purchased a convertible carry-on from Amazon.

Cabin Max Metz Backpack Flight Approved Carryon Bag


What I like about this bag was it certainly was roomier! I could add a few more items or bring a few things home quite easily. What I didn’t like about it was it lack a safe inside pocket and it had no waistband, so I didn’t find it as comfortable to wear as my daypack; it felt bigger and pulled back off my shoulders.


I have just ordered another version of the convertible carryon bag; this one is from Rick Steves Travel Store and looks like this:

imageWell, BIGGER, but I couldn’t get the photo to copy better! Anyway, this one has the waist strap which may help with the weight and it supposedly has an inside pocket. This bag is to arrive within ten days and as soon as it shows up, I will give an update. Right now this one costs $79 on sale, so it might be worth grabbing up. You might find that this backpack style carryon will sometimes replace you regular carryon with wheels. I, personally, find it far easier to walk with a pack than drag that stupid suitcase behind me. There is no up and down curbs and probelms with pavement and the backpack carryon is easier to toss in the overhead or just put under the seat.

When we travel with Older Women, Cheap Travel, we do not need to hike long distances with our bag; we just need to be able to walk from here to there, occasionally a mile or so, and we need to be able to sit the thing on our lap in a crowded taxi or bus, so size matters. I think many of you will like the convertible carryon because it holds a bit more and is easier to get your clothes in and out of without squashing them so much. A bit more like a regular suitcase than a daypack. However, some of you – perhaps me, like the feel of a daypack and so this is also an excellent option. The daypack does do better if one is carrying it longer or climbing up anything! If one leaves a bunch of clothes back in the room, the daypack is really great for carrying food and water and buying groceries.

But, don’t forget to get that super light foldable backpack from Walmart! I am in love with this thing! It holds a pretty good amount for day walking, so please do get one. For five bucks a piece, you might get a couple and take two (could be great for wet items and, at the end of the trip, extra souveneirs). Also, great for the plane as an easy access bag. The material is super thin but very strong; it rolls up to fit in your pocket!


LADIES! Last chance to get in on the Nicaragua trip in January (Jan 5th-16th)! Spirit has a ticket for only $340 from BWI and the rest of the trip is just $1000 and includes everything else!
For all the information on the fabulous trip to Nicaragua: http://www.olderwomencheaptravel.com/nic.html


We are going to India in March!



And Mongolia in July!



And Mexico in October!




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