Older Women and Romance Abroad with Hot Younger Men

Older Women, Younger Local Men....Comes with Price
Older Women, Younger Local Men….Comes with Price

I just read this article in The Daily Mail about older women falling in love (and sex) with young men in middle eastern countries and knew exactly what the author was talking about.

No, thankfully, I am not one of those women; as a criminal profiler and a level-headed female, I don’t fall for these roadside Romeos. But, I have been propositioned by them and I know their allure. Basically, it works like this; younger man with smoldering eyes flirts with an older woman who has forgotten what lust and falling madly in love feels like. In fact, she has forgotten what it feels like to have a man show any interest in her. And, because one is in an exotic location, one can suddenly feel young again and throw all sense out the window.

Essentially, we older western women who hook up with Mohammad in Egypt, Ola in The Gambia, Raj in India, or Juan in Mexico are little different from older men seeking young girls in Thailand…we exchange money for sex…the difference is that the older men know they are paying for prositutes and older women delude themselves into believing the prostitutes have real feelings for them.

Heading South is an excellent movie about older women/younger men sex tourism in Haiti which shows how different it is for women than men who get caught up in paying for sex…they don’t think of themselves as exploiting local men because they don’t realize that the money they spend is equal to simply paying for the acts of sex, they often fall emotionally for these men, and much of the time they have no recognition of the desperate needs of the local men for money due to economic suffering in the country. The flattery they get from the men (and this does also sometimes happen to men seeking love and sex abroad) makes them believe their bond is a true equal relationship and they lose sight of the fact they are actually customers.

Sometimes, though, there are dalliances between older women and younger men which don’t include money…it is rarer, but it happens. Usually it happens simply because the older woman is white and considered exotic by the local men…and, more importantly, she is an easy target for sex because…quite frankly…she IS easy in comparison to local women; she advertises this by the way she dresses which is usually far less covered than the women of the culture.

Ladies, it is easy to get seduced into having sex with a local stranger and giving up money to keep the “relationship” going. I had to laugh one time when I was in Mexico with my sister because of the amount of whistling we heard as we walked down the street (and we were wearing long pants and t-shirts); we hadn’t had men whistle at us in years in the United States…it was quite an ego lifter! And to have a handsome younger man with a great body and a charming smile suddenly start flirting with you….well, it is quite tempting.

And this is one of the reasons on my Older Women, Cheap Travel tours I require us to dress as do the women of our age in the culture…or at least close to it. And this is why my tours aim to stay in areas where there are women and children…and why we stick together. All of this reduces the flirtation and harassment from young male locals down to a dull roar…and keeps us older women from getting stupid and ending up in bed with prostitutes, supporting the sex industry, and losing a bunch of money and, maybe, one’s heart.

Hot sex with a hot young bod…I am not saying if you don’t exchange money for it that you don’t have the right to do what you want…you are a grown women…but, be very aware…that most of the time, you are simply purchasing a fantasy just like bald, fat men do when they fork out the money for a pretty young Asian “girlfriend” or a beautiful young Russian bride; there is rarely anything real about the relationship other than the purchase price.

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One thought on “Older Women and Romance Abroad with Hot Younger Men

  1. Brilliant article! So true, I have seen a lot of the scenario’s you have mentioned, whilst on my travels, with my husband! I’ve also read several newspaper articles & watched tv programmes about this too! So many older women with broken hearts, and empty bank accounts, who truly believed they were in love. I’ve also seen the older men with beautiful, young women. Money and loneliness can cause such heartache.

    I would have loved to join you on this tour – it sounds like you will all have a fabulous time!


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