Is Solo Travel or a Tour Better for Older Women?


As older women, one thing is for sure; we are very intent on making the right choices when we plan our international travels. I have listened to older women express their views on solo travel and traveling with a tour group and I have some thoughts on both for those women who are undecided as to which is a better choice for them.

If you have done little travel abroad, going on a tour would definitely be a better choice. You can get your feet wet and get more comfortable navigating a different world with a lot of security and help. You can leave your fears behind because you essentially have someone taking care of the essentials for you. You can see how things work in another country, experience how it feels to be in a different culture, and venture out on your own in a limited area (like shopping near your hotel or visiting a museum on your own on your free time).

I just had an email from a woman who had never traveled outside of the country and was interested in going on one of the Older Women, Cheap Travel tours but she expressed concerns about taking local transport, eating local food, and staying in small hotels and hostels. She felt it might be too much of a culture shock for her. And since she was apprehensive, I suggested that indeed it might be better for her to take a more standard tour for her first time in another country, and if she found she did well with that, then consider a tour with Older Women, Cheap Travel for a little added adventure and mixing with the local culture.

As to traveling solo, many older women do like going alone because they can make their own decisions; they like not having to go along with someone else’s program. Usually these women are quite confident about traveling and handling problems that might arise. They are brave sorts and like challenge. I fit this category to a great extent because I have traveled solo quite often and I do enjoy the freedom to go where I want, when I want, and how I want. But, solo traveling comes with some downsides; it can be lonely and sometimes you wish you had someone with you to share the experiences.

Some older women choose to do solo travel at some times and group tours at another, enjoying the different kind of experiences each offers. Sometimes women will choose solo travel for certain countries and group tours for other countries depending on their comfort level with the geography and culture.

What is important for all older women trying to decide whether to travel solo or with a group is to realize that either choice will give you great memories and either choice will a wonderful learning experience that is sure to be something you are glad you did.

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2016 trips! Nicaragua in January, India in March, Mongolia in July, and Mexico in October!

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