Airport Security: It’s Really Not That Bad!

Smile! You’re Going on Vacation!

I can’t quite understand all the anger concerning airport security. The problem I find with flying these days are those blasted hubs that make one’s trip so ungodly long and those miserable coach seats that make the flight so uncomfortable.

Airport security? No big problem. Not in my experience.

Most of the time I think the issue comes down to arriving early for your flight. If you are racing through the airport in a panic because you think you are going to miss your plane, going through security is obviously going to be stressful.

Here is how I make going through security a relaxing experience.

1) Get there early. This will solve any security unhappiness 95% of the time.

2) Sit down on a bench before you go through security. Check to see that any items you need to separate from your luggage are easily accessible. Check your clothing to make sure you have nothing in or under it to cause the any beeping. Have your paperwork ready.

3) Stoll over to security. Calmly pull your stuff out of your luggage and put in the trays, take off your shoes and coat (if required) and place them in a bin.

4) Smile and listen to instructions. If they pull you over and run the wand over you, no big deal. If they need to look in your luggage, you have time, so no big deal.

5) Even if the unexpected happens, smile and be friendly. In all my travels, I have never been treated badly. I have been felt up by an Italian security lady in such a familiar way that I thought I should ask her on a date, but I just laughed and kept going. A security checkpoint in Wisconsin thought I might have a bomb, but it turned out just to be a dense wheel of cheese I bought in the airport and I learned some interesting things from the TSA guy about stuff that looks like explosives. I accidentally forgot to remove a expandable police baton from my purse once and, even then, the guy was nice about it and told me I could have it put in storage and pick it up on my return to the city (which was really nice of him because that item is not exactly legal for me to carry).

6) Get your stuff, put on your shoes, and continue strolling on to the gate.

Now, that’s not so bad, is it?

We can argue over whether security is necessary and we can wax nostalgic about the good ol’ days when you could just go straight to your plane, but, for now, you can just get to the airport a little earlier, toddle through security, and if you end up being way early for your flight…have a beer, do a little shopping, or sit down, relax and read a book.

Don’t let having to go through airport security keep you from traveling, dampen your spirits, or ruin your vacation!!

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2 thoughts on “Airport Security: It’s Really Not That Bad!

  1. I recently signed up for Global Entry, and it really makes it a breeze — no more lines, taking off shoes, and it really is fast, especially helpful on reentry…have spent two hours getting out of Dulles!


  2. Anon, very good idea! Yes, any priority through security is awesome! Speaking of Dulles, yeah, that is probably the worst security area I have seen…I went to India out of there and it was quite bad but, thank God, because I came early, all was well.


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