So, How’s Your Camel Hump?


I confess. I ate camel hump. Yes, I am a vegetarian and I don’t really think it is nice to eat the hump of a camel. But, there I was in Beijing with my daughter and camel hump was on the menu. I just had to order it, if only to be able to say…

“So, how’s your camel hump?”


“Yesterday, while I was eating camel hump…”


“Can I have a box to take my leftover camel hump home?”

Seriously, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity.

I can’t say I would order it again. Camel hump just isn’t that good, at least not the one I had.

Instead, my daughter and I revisited our favorite small back alley restaurant to get their eggplant and homemade noodles; they were fabulous. And the day we had to fly home from Beijing, we went and bought a whole bunch of it to eat on the plane. And, I bought extra for my son.

When I got home, the cab dropped me off and I knocked on my front door. My son opened the door and I held out the bag of eggplant and noodles.

“Chinese take-out….REALLY!”

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