How Older Women Should Walk!


Well, any way they like! But, seriously, I have had this question asked about our trips; since we are older women, exactly what do I mean when I say “women going on the trip need to be able to walk a reasonable distance?” How far? How fast? How often?

I understand the reservation some women might have in trying to decide if one of our trips is right for them. They don’t want to find themselves unable to keep up with the others or to slow the others down. I know exactly what they are thinking because I made the mistake of joining a hiking group in Guatemala that consisted of twenty to thirty-year-olds….and me. Not. Good. They bolted out of the hostel with their heavy backpacks on a mission to get to the end of the day’s hike by lunch. I struggled along behind. By the second day, I think I was half a mountain behind them. That night I decided I needed to let them go on ahead without me and I turned around and grabbed a tuk-tuk back to town and then a bus back to the city. The next hiking trip I went on was just me, a guide, and a dude with a horse to carry my stuff. They had to walk my speed so those three days were a whole lot better (although I have to admit my guide made it easy for me by carrying my backpack on the day the horse wasn’t with us).

So, yeah, I get it! And here is how we walk…as a team! First of all, yes, I do require people who are coming along to be able to walk a couple of miles without assistance (like a walker). We all need to be able to get from the bus down the street to a hotel or a restaurant and, more importantly, one of the best ways to see a place is on foot, so it is nice to walk about. However, we don’t have to race from one location to the other; we can walk peacefully at a pace that actually allows us to see the place we are visiting. We are on a vacation, so we should not be in a hurry!

If you can take a nice walk around a small lake, stroll through the shopping district of a city, walk a mile to the gas station if your car is stuck on the side of the road, you are good to go. If at any time we have an option to do something more strenuous, you can be sure we will also offer an option to do something less strenuous!

If for any reason we have an issue, there is always a taxi!

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2 thoughts on “How Older Women Should Walk!

  1. I can’t agree more. I love to walk simply because I have the time to see and experience a new place. It has opened the doors to meeting new people because I hadn’t separated myself from the locals. Just by walking around a new town or city, I have stumbled on new experiences such as festivals and local markets I would have missed if I only used taxis. As a side benefit, it also keeps me fit and healthy and I can appreciate more of the local food after burning off the calories.


    1. Well done, Polly! I find the slower you move through an environment the more you are aware of and the more interaction you have. All modes of transport have their plusses and minuses, but I love slowing myself down and, like you say, stumbling upon things.


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