Welcome to Profiler Pat Brown’s Older Women, Cheap Travel Adventure Tours

Most tour groups would never let you pat a lion! But I got to do this in the Cairo Zoo!
Most tour groups would never let you pat a lion! But I got to do this in the Cairo Zoo! (and I look like a local, don’t I?)

If you are like me, you have Googled “Older Women” “Cheap Travel” and come up with nothing useful. What you see are lots of trips that cost about $300/day and if you don’t have anyone to travel with (which is why you want a group to begin with) you also have to pay a big surcharge for occupying a room by yourself.

Or you may be searching for a trip that isn’t the traditional kind of tour  older women end up on – day after day on big tourist buses going to big tourist hotels and eating in big tourist restaurants. No out of the way spots, no street food, no surprises, no adventure. Yes, you get to see famous sites and your guide will give you lots of information about them, but, if you want to be more of a traveler than a tourist, if you want to meet locals, ride a bus with a goat, some chickens, and a lady selling tortillas, if you want to to understand the local culture and actually be a part of it, this is the kind of trip you want.

The cost is one-third of most tours out there and three times the adventure! No, we won’t be mountain climbing or crossing rope bridges over terrifying gorges, but we will be a small group on our own making our way around a new country, living each day as it comes. Yes, you will have me as a planner and guide but I won’t be carrying a flag and telling you not to eat food outside of designated restaurants.

This blog will guide you up to date on future trips that you can join up with and will provide you with all kinds of information about traveling the Pat Brown way!

Learn more about our upcoming trip to Nicaragua in January 2016!

Learn more about all our trips, how we travel, and how little it costs at Older Women, Cheap Travel!

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